Bitcoin Price Drops Below $600

The price of bitcoin on the CoinDesk USD Bitcoin Price Index has lost its long-time stability, dropping roughly 4% since the day’s open to sit at $595.73. This figure was up from the day’s low of $591.46, but down measurably from its high of $618.42, figures that baffled traders and reddit readers alike.

The day’s low was observed at 13:35 UTC and was followed by a sharp recovery, but it wasn’t enough to undo the mysterious and sudden decline. Prices on the CoinDesk CNY Bitcoin Price Index followed a similar trajectory, falling from an open of ¥3,832.17 to ¥3,692.45 at press time, but for once, even China wasn’t to blame for falling bitcoin prices.

With no clear news to blame for either the stability or the decline, many are wondering where to turn for answers.

News on Bitcoins

Maybe bitcoin’s price needs more than good news. After all, people need time to figure out world-changing, disruptive technologies like bitcoin. Positive newsflow in the interim isn’t going to help the world adapt to our bitcoin future, no matter how many computers Dell sells.

Still, the drop on the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index from about $618 to $595 is nothing like the dramatic swings of late last year, when the digital currency first came under attack from the Chinese government, or earlier this year when the Mt. Gox bankruptcy news sent many Bitcoin investors rushing to the exits. But the decreasing volatility is just about what one would expect at this point in Bitcoin’s history.

Bitcoin News Video

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Bitcoin Financial News

The last two months have seen no shortage of positive bitcoin news. DISH became the latest big retailer to accept bitcoin in June, only to be eclipsed six weeks later by Dell. Then, there was the successful US Marshals auction of roughly 30,000 BTC, which proved bitcoin’s fungibility in the eyes of the US government.

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