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Biotech Stocks: What Your Portfolio Should Look Like With Biotech Stocks

For those willing to endure the inevitable price roller coaster, there’s tremendous opportunity in hyper-growth biotech stocks. But you have to pick the best stocks if you’re going to generate market-beating returns. So we have considered a simple question: “What is the best biotech stock for your portfolio?” Read below for the major picks.

If you’re new to biotech and looking for a great growth company for your portfolio, Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ GILD) should be at the top of your list. That’s because few companies have the biotech chops to match it.

Gilead is a Goliath in HIV treatment, boasting an HIV product portfolio that includes five different medicines that could hit billion dollar blockbuster status this year. Last year, the companies HIV drug sales totaled more than $9 billion and that momentum is building. During the first six months of this year, sales of those drugs are up nearly 10%.

But it’s not just Gilead’s dominance in HIV- its Atripla and Truvada are the top two drugs prescribed for HIV in the U.S.- that should have Gilead on your list. The company’s multibillion blockbuster hepatitis C drug franchise is fattening up Gilead’s balance sheet, too. Since December, Gilead’s cash hoard has jumped from a bit over $2.5 billion to more $9.5 billion exiting the second quarter.

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If there’s one word that encompasses why Celgene (NASDAQ CELG) should be a strong consideration for any biotech investor’s portfolio, it’s “organic.” While Celgene has more than two dozen collaborative partnerships with the likes of OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Agios Pharmaceuticals, and bluebird bio, just to name a few, it’s the company’s internal growth capacity that makes it so unique.

Label expansion is a big component to Celgene’s success, with blood cancer drug Revlimid expected to expand into a number of new indications in the coming years, including first-line follicular lymphoma, and newly diagnosed multiple myeloma. Of course, Revlimid will have to be successful in clinical studies for this to happen, but the drug is already on pace to top $5 billion in sales this year, so it’s looking very likely.

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Cancer drug Abraxane and inflammation drug Otezla are also expected to play a key role in providing additional labels, with Abraxane being targeted at first-line triple-negative breast cancer, and Otezla at the monster rheumatoid arthritis indication.

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