Bitcoin News in Focus: A Report on Stockholm Bitcoin-Inspired Exhibition

An event dubbed “part art exhibition, part technology convention” is set to explore the boundaries between bitcoin and the art world later this month. Artists, collectors and bitcoin enthusiasts alike will head to the Bitcoin Meets Art event at Stockholm’s Capitol concert venue on 23rd August for a fresh take on the art market.

The evening will showcase a range of artwork inspired by the digital currency, which visitors will then have the opportunity to buy using bitcoin. DJs and musicians will provide the soundtrack to the night in return in exchange for the digital currency.

The event will also feature a workshop from the team at Stockholm-based bitcoin exchange Safello, who will explain bitcoin and the digital currency market. The company’s bitcoin ATM, the first in the Swedish market, will also be up and running at the event.

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Safello chief executive and co-founder Frank Schuil explained as to why the company chose to collaborate on the project. He said: “This event aims to kick-start creative thinking around bitcoin. Artists have a way of pushing the boundaries of technology to see what’s possible. It evolves from experimentation to new applications.”

Artists taking part in the even come from across three different continents and include Trash is Free and Milos Rajkovic. Each piece being showcased will incorporate bitcoin in a different way, with one artist knitting QR codes on to oven gloves in a quirky, textile take on the theme. Each piece of artwork in the show will be accompanied by a QR code that will link directly to the artist’s bitcoin wallet.

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The event hopes to give back more control and profit to artists who are often marginalised in the art market or exploited by dealers for huge commission on their works. In recent months a number of creative projects have attempted to reduce these nominally high fees and put more money directly in artists’ pockets. This is a big step for Bitcoin as it tries to gain acceptance in the market.

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