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Safello is now allowing users to request invitations to its newly launched bitcoin wallet service. For the release, the Sweden-based bitcoin services company will leverage Blockchain’s API, though its wallet service will build upon Blockchain‘s basic offering, adding an additional social layer that will allow users to easily search for other users with whom they’ve previously transacted.

The news was released during a panel session at Sthlm Tech Fest, a Sweden-based conference featuring top talent from the payments world such as Stripe and iZettle alongside bitcoin companies such as Safello, Blockchain and KnCMiner.

Safello chose to take a decidedly under-the-radar approach to the release, opting against issuing a formal press release. However, news of the new service quickly found its way to Reddit, an event that CEO Frank Schuil cited as evidence of the demand for the service. Schuil told CoinDesk that users may need to be patient, as not all requests to access the service will be immediately approach. He said: “We anticipate to slowly let users in during this month or next month.”

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Safello framed its wallet service as one that aims to eliminate some of the more common pain points associated with bitcoin wallets, branding it as “so easy that even your mom could use it”. Notably, Safello’s wallet will incorporate features common to digital address books, allowing users to easily search for friends.

All transactions can be viewed in a timeline and if verified accounts are being used, bitcoin addresses will be replaced by user names, photos and comments. The end result is Safello’s wallet history being visualized more in the style of the social timelines that Facebook and Twitter users have grown accustomed to.

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The Safello wallet also uses verified accounts to bolster security, a feature that allows users to confirm that the addresses to which they send bitcoin are the intended recipients. Additionally, Safello does not store any private keys at all, as the wallet uses Blockchain’s API to create wallets.

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