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The PGA Tour and The Charles Schwab Corporation (NYSE:SCHW) have reached an agreement to extend the sponsorship of the Champions Tour’s season-long points race and season-ending tournament for 20 years — the longest marketing agreement the Tour has ever signed with a sponsor. The Charles Schwab Corporation (NYSE:SCHW) belongs to Financial sector. Its net profit margin is 20.30% and weekly performance is -5.04%. On last trading day company shares ended up $26.75. The Charles Schwab Corporation (NYSE:SCHW) distance from 50-day simple moving average (SMA50) is -7.69%.

Pharma major Strides Arcolab has entered into a licensing agreement with US-based Gilead Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD) to manufacture and distribute latter’s low-cost Tenofovir Alafenamide (TAF) product used for HIV treatment in developing countries. Gilead Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD) shares moved up 3.05% in last trading session and ended the day at $103.78. GILD Gross Margin is 82.70% and its return on assets is 34.00%. Gilead Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD) quarterly performance is 3.01%.

On Jan. 13, NextEra Energy Partners, LP (NYSE:NEP) announced that it plans to report fourth-quarter and full-year 2014 financial results before the opening of the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015. On 20 January, NextEra Energy Partners, LP (NYSE:NEP) shares moved down -0.96% and was closed at $38.05. NextEra Energy Partners, LP (NYSE:NEP) year to date (YTD) performance is 12.74%.

On Jan 13, Teleflex Incorporated (NYSE:TFX) announced that newly published research has reaffirmed the ability of catheters protected with ARROWg+ard Technology to reduce both bloodstream infections and direct costs associated with treating those infections. Teleflex Incorporated (NYSE:TFX) ended the last trading day at $110.75. Company weekly volatility is calculated as 1.73% and price to cash ratio as 16.01. Teleflex Incorporated (NYSE:TFX) showed a weekly performance of -0.09%.

Fuel Tech (NASDAQ:FTEK) CEO Douglas G. Bailey acquired 30,000 shares of the stock in a transaction that occurred on Monday, December 29th. The stock was purchased at an average cost of $3.69 per share, with a total value of $110,700.00. Following the purchase, the chief executive officer now directly owns 1,784,838 shares in the company, valued at approximately $6,586,052. Fuel-Tech, Inc. (NASDAQ:FTEK) shares moved up 1.30% in last trading session and ended the day at $3.52. FTEK Gross Margin is 42.80% and its return on assets is -0.20%. Fuel-Tech, Inc. (NASDAQ:FTEK) quarterly performance is -20.11%.

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