What Does It Mean To Invest In Bitcoin ?

Analysis, Finance 02/15 at 11:57 am

Bitcoin has only been relevant on a large scale for a few years, and already there has been an active debate over how it should be classified as a unit of value. And this fall, that debate has reached its conclusion, at least for the time being, in two of the most influential financial markets in the world. Recently, newsRead More

Virtual Reality VR

5 Predictions For VR

Last year was labeled by many as the “Year of VR,” and in some ways it lived up to that label. We started to see plenty of demonstrations and early examples of what virtual reality headsets have to offer in entertainment and elsewhere. With some of the most capable headsets not being released until the end of the year, weRead More


Welcome to the Summer of Bitcoin

Analysis, Finance, Internet 07/01 at 8:39 am

This summer promises to be a big one for bitcoin. There are two major events taking place that are expected to have far reaching effects on the popular cryptocurrency. One of these involves the current goings on of world politics and economics while the other pertains to the digital currency on a more fundamental level. However, understanding exactly how theseRead More

VoIP Telecommunications Telephone Communications

Global Network Service Quality improved by NTT Com and 22 Partner Carriers

Analysis, Finance, Software 06/04 at 9:38 am

NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), the ICT solutions and international communications business within NTT (NYSE: NTT), announced today that it has agreed with 22 of its global telecommunications-carrier partners on a number of policies to further improve its Arcstar(tm) global network service quality during the Arcstar Carrier Forum 2015, which took place in Tokyo on June 2 and 3. TheRead More

Stock in News: Summarizing The Apple (NASDAQ AAPL) Watch Reviews

Stock in News: Summarizing The Apple (NASDAQ AAPL) Watch Reviews

Finance, Internet 05/31 at 6:10 am

Apple (NASDAQ AAPL) has remained the top draw among the technology related stocks for the past couple of quarters. Most of the products which Apple has launched in the market, have gone on to have great success. It would therefore be interesting to take a look at their latest product Apple Watch. This new product has been labelled by manyRead More

Stock in News: Russia Planning to Ban Facebook (NASDAQ FB) ?

Stock in News: Russia Planning to Ban Facebook (NASDAQ FB) ?

Finance, Internet 05/31 at 6:00 am

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) is a leader in the social networking market segment by a mile. All over the world, Facebook hsa been easily beating competition, to come first in this segment. It is more popular among the users in USA and India, while elsewhere it still impresses with its numbers. However, it still faces a ban in countries like China.Read More

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