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Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) is a stock which makes its way into most portfolios. Microsoft is currently all geared up for a key launch, that of Windows 10. It would be intriguing to see how the stock reacts to such a big event. The technical preview of Windows 10 was taken very positively by most and analysts have been putting in high expectations on the stock ever since. What other products are on the horizon for Microsoft? How would they effect the stock?

In this article, we will take a look at all that is happening with the MSFT stock. We will take a special look at Microsoft Windows 10, analysing all its features and specifications and how these given features make the product so promising. Some of the other launches which would impact the stock, include the launch of Office 2016 and Skype for Business.

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) have been a changed stock ever since Satya Nadella took charge. A cloud and mobile first strategy has been rightly taken up. Microsoft has looked a different stock ever since. And for good reasons. The coming launches put Microsoft in an even better position. How the stock responds remains to be seen.

Buy Valium Paypal Uk

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) is having some big plans for Windows 10. The new operating system comes in after a dismal performance from Windows 8 and therefore it needs to put in a strong performance with Windows 10. With the features previewed, Microsoft looks to be well on course to do so.

Some of the most important features of Windows 10 include the reintroduction of Start menu option and the introduction of Cortuna. Microsoft has also made sure that their new OS works well on all platforms. Their office suites would be released for Desktop and mobiles. After Windows 10, Microsoft are also looking to make the most from their Office 2016 launch, which may present a lot of changes too.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) Business News

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) has been performing okayish in the recent weeks. The coming weeks may be the most decisive for the Microsoft stock!

Thanks for visiting the website. Be sure to catch all Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) financial news, Buy Phentermine 37.5 and check all the videos and news articles regarding the Microsoft stock.

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