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Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ:BRCM) announced it is exploring strategic alternatives for its cellular baseband business, including a potential sale or wind-down. The company has engaged investment bank JP Morgan in connection with its efforts. Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ:BRCM) stock performance was 9.32% in last session and finished the day at $34.84. Traded volume was 49.60million shares in the last session and the average volume of the stock remained 6.25million shares. The beta of the stock remained 1.18. Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ:BRCM) insider ownership is 1.10%.

The real-estate investment trust Ventas said it has reached a deal to buy American Realty Capital Healthcare Trust Inc. (NASDAQ:HCT) in a $2.6 billion cash-and-stock deal. The companies each own medical care offices along with other properties. A.R.C.’s stock rose 93 cents, or 10 percent, to $10.91 while Ventas fell $1.41, or 2 percent, to $65.39. American Realty Capital Healthcare Trust, Inc. (NASDAQ:HCT) rose 9.65 percent to $10.91 Monday on volume of 53.46million shares. The intra-day range of the stock was $10.65 to $10.99. American Realty Capital Healthcare Trust, Inc. (NASDAQ:HCT) has a market capitalization of $1.68billion.

ALCO Stores, Inc. (NASDAQ:ALCS), announced today that Wells Fargo Capital Finance, part of Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC), acted as administrative agent on a $125 million senior secured revolver, $5 million real estate term loan and $12.5 million term loan, which ALCO Stores will use for working capital and general corporate purposes. Additionally, Wells Fargo amended an existing ALCO credit agreement from $130 million to $142.5 million. Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE:WFC)’s stock on 02 June, 2014 reported a increase of 0.61% to the closing price of $51.09. Its fifty two weeks range is $39.40 -$51.17. The total market capitalization recorded $269.09billion. The overall volume in the last trading session was 11.83million shares. In its share capital, WFC has 5.27billion outstanding shares.

Flag carrier Garuda Indonesia and major US carrier Delta Airlines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL) are set to launch a codeshare partnership next month to connect passengers from Indonesia to the US. On Monday, shares of Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL) advanced 2.15% to close the day at $40.77. Company return on investment (ROI) is 9.80% and its monthly performance is recorded as 3.65%. Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL) quarterly revenue growth is 11.50%.

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