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Old Computers Become Collectibles: It is Worth Collecting or Selling?

Getting rid of an old computer when you get a new model is often one of those tasks you tell yourself you’ll get to one of these days. Somehow there just never seems time to wipe the hard drive and resell it. Often old computers wind up in the basement collecting dust. Yet some models may actually be rising in value the longer you keep them in storage.

Computer collectibles are becoming a hot commodity. Consequently, many people wonder if it’s worth it to store their PC in the hopes it will be worth more in time or if they should cash in immediately and get whatever they can for their model.

Junk or Collectible?

According to experts, not all computers are going to rise in value. According to PCWorld, “your trusty old ThinkPad running Windows 98 has little monetary value and no historical significance.” (1) Experts assert that the PCs with the most value and that are significant in the evolution in the home computer generally date to the 1970s and the early 1980s. If your basement is harboring models from this era, you should certainly do some more research regarding your equipment. You may, indeed, have valuable old computer equipment on your hands.

Save or Sell?

If you have a newer PC and are simply replacing it with a better, faster model, you might consider selling. You might recoup some of the expense of its purchase, which can help defray the cost of the new model. If you research your PC and determine that it may have potential as a collectible, you could save it. There is always the chance that it will be worth next to nothing in a decade or two, but it may be a risk worth taking.

Buying and Selling PCs

If you are hoping to unload your old PCs, you should consider selling them at auction where you are apt to get the best return for your offerings. An auction firm that specializes in used “used desktop computers” (2) and other computer equipment is not only a great way to sell used computers, it’s a great place to buy them too. In fact, you may even hit the auction circuit in order to find those used computer investment pieces you’d like to store away as a collectible.


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