Stock Focus: The Potential of Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) Under Satya Nadella

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) have has a tremendous change of fortune since the appointment of Satya Nadella as the CEO of Microsoft. Nadella who took the reins from Steve Balmer, has changed a lot at Microsoft. Most of these changes have had a good impact on the stock performance. Satya Nadella has made a cloud first, mobile first strategy for Microsoft. Further some shrewd acquisitions have made Microsoft much better off. But where does Microsoft go from here?

Microsoft has some very important products coming up in the following weeks. After a pretty successful preview of Windows 10, Microsoft would be looking to make the most of their new operating system. Microsoft may be having the a very critical next few weeks in terms of their stock performance.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the major changes which have been brought on under Satya Nadella. We will also look at their impact and the way they have changed the fortune of the Microsoft stock. Also, a look at certain future products may allow us to look into the Microsoft stock future.

News on Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT)

Microsoft under Nadella has been a renovation project which has achieved a lot of milestones. Nadella has stressed on a mobile-first, cloud-first strategy under which he has given Microsoft a new leash for life.

The importance given to surface and Xbox along with the non reliance on the old cash cows like Windows and Office, certainly does tell you a lot about Microsoft’s new policies. However the sales are yet to show the importance of such policies. Therefore, the coming weeks would help Microsoft prove itself.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) Business News

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) has been performing nearer to the $50 mark for some time now. The stock can only perform better in the coming days. Therefore it would be cool to see how the stock reacts in the coming months with analysts riding high on the stock.

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