Stock in Action: Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Stock Report: Q4 Reactions and More

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) has been going from strength to strength. The biggest social networking site of the world is increasing its user base which is already more than a billion. Despite recent reports of a slowdown in the growth of the number of users, Facebook has indeed posted a great earnings and revenue report for the last financial quarter. Facebook FB Stock has certainly done well since the beginning of the year and it should not be surprise if the trend continues for the stock in the coming months.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at some of the things related to Facebook and how those might affect the stock in the coming months. Facebook has been doing well in terms of acquisitions too and therefore there are multiple major reasons to believe that the stock may be in for a good time in the coming months.

Facebook posted a positive earning report for the quarter of Q4. The social networking giant posted a revenue of $3.85 Billions. This means an increase of 49% Year on Year. It beats the analysts prediction of $3.78 Billions rather comfortably.

Facebook Inc: Q4 And More

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) also posted an impressive growth in the mobile advertising segment. The mobile advertising now comprises of more than 69% of the total Facebook revenue. The mobile revenue grew 55% year on year. This growth shows just how accurate Facebook’s faith in the mobile apps and in mobile segment really was.

Facebook would also be happy with the performance of WhatsApp and Instagram. Both the acquisitions have shown a lot of growth in terms of users and therefore they should give positive revenues when used as monetary assets.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) has been performing well in the market. A target of around $91 can be used for the FB stock. Stay tuned to technews for more updates about this FB stock.

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