Stock in Focus: Product Management VP of Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Resigns

Sam Lessin, the vice president of product management of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) announced his resignation in a post on the company’s website yesterday. According to him, he will step down from his position effective August 29. Lessin didn’t have immediate plans for his next move for his career, but intends to help his wife’s online publication and spend some time-off kite surfing and skiing.

“This is the first time I can think of since middle school where I didn’t have a very concrete next step to take in life, and I intend to not squander the opportunity,” said Lessin. He added, “If past performance is any indication, I will be starting something soon enough… What, I don’t know, but general volume of ideas has never been much of an issue for me.”

For the meantime, Lessin said he will spend some time-off “kite surfing and skiing and general adventuring / possibly some trouble making.” Lessin stated that he did not have immediate plans regarding his next move for his career, but he intends to assist his wife with online publication—The Information, whenever he can or she wants help.

Facebook Inc: Resignation of a prominent personnel

Lessin joined Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) when the social network giant acquired his file-sharing start-up in an all stock transaction in 2010.

At the time of the acquisition, the social network giant said, “We can confirm that we recently completed a small talent acquisition for and acquired most of the company’s assets. We’re thrilled that Sam Lessin will be joining us at Facebook.”

The statement showed that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) was more interested with Lessin that the product of the start-up. In fact, the social network giant shutdown following the acquisition.

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Lessen are friends and fellow alumnus at Harvard University. Lessin led the development of the Timeline feature and other important products of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB). Last fall, his responsibility at the social network giant was reduced, according to some people familiar with the situation. In his post, he left an impression that he enjoyed his tenure at Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB). According to him, “That Was A Great Game. Hurray!”

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