Stock in Focus: Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) Tests App Advertisements

The Micro-blogging site Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) is now testing new features on their platform. Twitter is trying to optimise itself with these changes which they hope will enhance user experience and in return generate more revenue. Twitter had been looking to add more users and these new developments can only help Twitter. Twitter is testing an ad unit which would be shown on the right side of the webpage in a carousel format. This is a major change which happens to affect the feeds on Twitter.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at the changes which are being brought in by Twitter. It would be interesting to see the effect that these changes may have on the users and hence on the stock as a whole.

Twitter has always had the app ads on their feeds. But traditionally, these ads have featured on smaller parts of the feeds, blending in without much notice. They came to life only after the user used any action buttons. Twitter is currently testing the new ads app on only a few users, so as to gain more insights about the same.

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Twitter is now introducing ad apps on the right side of the feeds. The ads would be in the carousel format. Twitter is hoping to provide more space to ads in a bid to increase their revenues. The ads in the new format would be more visible to the users.

It is also rumoured that Twitter would be looking to increase the number of ads on the feeds. Twitter has been looking to increase the effectiveness and the bandwidth of the ads space on their feeds and this new move may just be the thing they were looking for.

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Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) had a good quarter showing and the stock has responded well in the recent months. However, they still lag Facebook by some distance and other social networking sites are also catching up. How twitter responds in the coming months, remains to be seen.

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