Stock in News: Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Could Be Sued For Its New ‘Rooms’ App

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) could face a potential legal battle in connection with its “Rooms” app, which was launched last week. Facebook previously faced similar trademark issues related to its Timeline feature, Paper news reading app and Bolt photo-messaging app for Instagram.

Damien Rottemberg, co-founder and CTO of Room Inc., the developer of Room app, which was first released on the App Store of Apple on September claimed that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) copied the intellectual of his firm. The Rooms app of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) is similar to the Room app of Room Inc. Both applications allow users to create and invite people to mini chatrooms and maintain an anonymous identity.

When Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) introduced its Rooms app, the social network giant said it was a tribute to the internet chatrooms of the early days. Josh Miller, the project manager of Rooms app presented his idea to CEO Mark Zuckerberg after the company acquired Branch. Miller said Rooms is a “tool for empowering individuals.”

Facebook Inc: Rooms App

Rottemberg issued a statement to 9to5Mac that they do not know what happened whether something was leaked from Venture Capitals they were talking to, Facebook executives on their friends list or friends of friends working at the social network giant. He added that maybe someone at Facebook saw their app and thought it was cool enough to copy.

Rottemberg emphasized, “We’re sure this is not a coincidence. We don’t understand how Facebook, with all their lawyers, could have released an app with the same name and features. We won’t let this happen and we want to defend all entrepreneurs with great ideas and great visions.”

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

In 2011, filed a trademark complaint against Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) after the social network giant launched Timeline.

When the company launched its Paper news reading app, FiftyThree, the developer of the popular drawing app paper complained and urged the social network giant to change the name of the app because it created confusion.

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