Stock in News: Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Updates Privacy Policy For Users

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) is making another change to appease users. On Thursday, the social media announced plans to simplify the data policy. This comes right after the company announced plans to improve targeted advertisements in the United States.

Just a few months ago, the search giant started to use information on what websites people visit to help target ads. If a person visited an online retailer, they would later see an ad for the same products they viewed on their Facebook page. The new ads were designed with a built-in option that shows people why they received the marketing message as well as offer a chance to remove interests from ad profiles.

Brian Boland (advertising vice president) explained, “We also wanted to make sure people could turn that off. We are not changing the ways and places people opt-out, but we are going to enhance the way we apply those controls.”

Facebook Inc: Easier Privacy Policy

It won’t matter if the person opts out with a smartphone or computer because the choice will be applied to everywhere your Facebook account it used. The social media giant will expand the ad target update to other countries including Australia, Britain, Canada, France, and Germany. Facebook will launch a privacy basics center which uses animation and video that walks guides people through tasks such as deleting posts or blocking unwanted visitors.

Erin Egan, chief privacy officer for the social site, added, “They want information in an easily accessible format. How it is collected and how it is used, in simple and precise data policies.”

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

To start, the education center will include 15 videos in 30 different languages. The videos will also come with links so people can send the videos to their friends for reference. In addition, the website re-wrote the policy to make it easier to understand.

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