Stock in News: Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) Introduces Hololens Technology at Windows 10 Event

Microsoft is all over the news currently. With the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft is preparing to launch a huge product which brings in a host of changes that may well revolutionize the current market. Along with the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has also brought in some very cool technologies. These technologies have been in the news all day long. One such technology is the Hololens Technology, which we will further look at in this article.

Microsoft had a bumper event yesterday, with the introduction of Windows 10. Microsoft has also come up with Hololens, which is another one of those Augmented Reality devices. this category has seen many devices come and go, but other than Google glass, none have made much of an impact. Microsoft would be looking to change the same with the introduction of Hololens.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most important features of Hololens which mark outs this product. Along with the likes of Oculus VR, Microsoft would be hoping that with Hololens they can enter a completely new segment.

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Hololens has some advantages coupled with some limitations. One major limitation of the device is the limited window size in which AR can be experienced by the users. Also, unlike the VRs, the experience is not that personal. However, the product has some major upsides as well. Hololens does a great job in linking the applications on the augmented reality interface. Unlike Google glass, not only can the users experience maps and stuff, they can also play with it and other important applications.

Hololens is supposed to come out with Windows 10. With the hardware still a work in progress, we do not know how exactly the device would look and feel like. However, it is sure to find a lot of applications in the coming years. Places like NASA should be hugely benefited by this as they can see some very important images up close.

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Hololens is a major development from Microsoft. This should help the stock rise in the coming months.

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