Stock in News: Preview of Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) Windows 10

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) has been a new company under the ladership of Satya Nadella. The current Microsoft CEO took over from Steve Balmer last year, and has changed quite a lot of at Microsoft since then. Nadella has brought in the cloud first mobile first strategy. MSFT stock has actually reacted well to this. The only thorn remaining is that of the failure of Windows 8. This may well go away with the introduction of Windows 10.

Windows 10 is scheduled to release on January 21st. However, the general release is not yet scheduled. The company is planning to release the product sometime this year, though. Microsoft would be hoping to put in a great product which washes away the memories of Windows 8.

Microsoft have been speculated to bring in a lot of changes to Windows which may or may not make the product successful. Whatever may be the case, we will consider the features that Windows 10 would be bringing in. We will also look at the potential of Windows 10 and the market which it caters to.

News on Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT)

Microsoft has brought in some big changes for Windows. They have brought back the start menu. After facing fans backlash over the removal of start menu for Windows 8, Microsoft have apparently done well to not only bring back the start menu, but also couple it up with the Windows 8 tiles and have it work well in tandem.

Another major change from Microsoft which will certainly grab the headlines in the coming weeks, is the inclusion of a new browser. Microsoft have been developing two browsers and one of them code named Spartan has been speculated to take place of the mighty Internet Explorer. This would be a huge change for all the Windows users.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) Business News

Microsoft has high hopes on Windows 10. With the rumoured features, it looks like a very compelling product which may well help Microsoft continue its growth story.

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