Stock News: Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Losing Teen Users?

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) has been in the news lately for all the good reasons. The FB Stock just recently hit a high when it went up by over 2 percent during the course of the week. Despite the acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram, both of which are popular among teens, there have been reports that Facebook is losing popularity among teens.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at the report and also see whether Facebook stock holders should be worried about the development. Or whether Facebook has it all covered and the stock would continue to rise like it has been doing in the recent weeks.

According to one of the recent study, teens have actually been quitting the social networking platform at an alarming rate. The largest social networking site, which grew so fast among teens, is actually losing a chunk of its user base. However, studies also claim that the shift of users is due to Facebook’s very own Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook Inc: FB has a teen problem

Teenagers constitute the biggest part of Facebook’s user base. Teens constitute around 88% of Facebook’s user base, according to various studies. The number of teen users has been going down. The usage among teens was almost 94%, an year ago. Facebook has also been losing audience among other age group users.

Facebook has been more friendly towards all the age groups. FB welcomed parents and guardians, who have found the social networking site to be useful. Such is not the case currently with Instagram. Therefore, users have fled FB and moved towards the more youthful Instagram.

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

FB Stock has performed well in the recent weeks. The stock has been flying high. Such news of loss in popularity may yet hamper Facebook’s performance. However, the fact that users are going onto Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, should not worry the stockholders yet. Stay tuned to Technews to know more about what happens to the FB stock in the coming days.

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