Stock Review: Facebook (NASDAQ FB) App Now On Android and iOS

Facebook has now launched their mobile app on both Android and iOS. Facebook (NASDAQ FB) has made the app in such a way that it is very easy to use and operate. This app now has a feature of groups through which a user can stay in touch with friends and family.

Through this app, Facebook aims to make users share information easily. Through groups users would be empowered to have all their facebook groups at a single place. Facebook (NASDAQ FB) also commented that groups used frequently would be moved up the list dynamically.

The users would also be given powers to create their own groups and the powers to make changes and modifications to the groups already being used. Notification separation is another aspect which has been added by Facebook in their new app.

Facebook Inc: FB App

Facebook Groups have a major difference from the normal messenger app. Unlike the messenger app, Facebook groups can be accessed from the desktop or through the normal FB app. This would lead to a lot of value addition to the existing apps and website, while at the same time, there would be an increased engagement from the users side.

Mark Zuckerberg was quoted saying that such apps are required to give a focused and dedicated experience to their users. Facebook has been growing along the way and such moves can only help them engross their users even more. Developed by the creative labs of Facebook, Facebook Groups App certainly seems to have the makings of a hugely useful app which furthers Facebook’s position as the king of social media.

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According to various sources, Facebook has designed this app to be very simple and made it flow with the current version of the facebook website and app. Along with the normal app, messenger and the facebook website, Facebook Groups App is now another tool for the Facebook users.

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