Stock Review: Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Leads Online Videos Share

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) is the platform most preferred by users wishing to share videos. Of all the videos shared across the world, as many as 83% are shared by merely 18% of internet users, and the platform most used by them is Facebook, followed by Twitter.

Such power users are contributing to video shares and are also motivating others to share their videos. Also the pace of sharing videos has gone up significantly. Researchers have found that within three days of getting uploaded, about 42% of the videos get shared across social network feeds, according to a new report from Unruly titled “Geography of Sharing.”

The majority of Americans, almost 61.2%, prefer to use Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) for sharing videos across the internet, as its global average stands at 59.4%. Twitter has a global average of 13.8% and is the second most popular platform for sharing videos. The percentage of users sharing videos through Twitter is higher than the global average in South Korea and in the U.S.

Facebook Inc: Video Sharing Growing At A High Pace

An analysis of global video sharing patterns across 11 countries was included in the report, and major countries such as the U.S., the U.K. and Brazil were included in it.

It was found that the maximum number of shares were received by the videos that evoked feelings of happiness. The most enthusiastic and engaged video sharers were the South Koreans, who enjoy the fastest broadband internet connections in the world.

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

Apart from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) and Twitter Inc (NYSE TWTR), the remaining shares are on other platforms, including Google+, Tumblr, and Pinterest, while YouTube is missing from the list. This might come as a surprise because it is the biggest video sharing site.

The reason YouTube could not make it onto the list is that while it is possible for users to share their favorite videos on YouTube to other networks via the video watch page, it is not possible to easily share the video on YouTube itself.

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