Stock Update: Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Updates Publisher Tools

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) has unveiled a new set of tools again. This time the tools are targeted for the publishers. Facebook has been long wanting to attract more content from various publishers on their social networking platform. With the introduction of their new features, they may as well do this successfully.

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) recently introduced these tools for publishers. These tools are easy to use and integrate. For example, one of the tools helps the publishers with all the analysis of their stories. This tools helps the publishers know how their story was received by the readers and what can be done about it.

Another tool helps publishers let Facebook auto fill content on the social networking site. This saves the publishers time while the context is optimized from Facebook itself. Such tools are easy to integrate from the publisher’s prospective and would help Facebook immensely in getting traffic to their website.

Facebook Inc: New Publisher Tools

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) said that they had been working on the development of these tools for the past six months. The work was done in collaboration with various media partners of Facebook. These media partners had been wanting easier integration on the social media platform for some time.

Facebook should definitely attract more users on their website with more contextual news. Therefore, attracting publishers had always been a top priority for Facebook. Introduction of such tools should help Facebook in doing the same. Facebook had earlier done “Listening Tours” for the publishers. This helps the publishers understand the various ways to integrate their content on the social networking platform. It also helps Facebook understand the various tools and requirements of the publishers.

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

Facebook has been performing well in the past few weeks. The FB stock has been in the green for some time. Whether the trend continues remains to be seen.

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