Stock Update: Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) Would Benefit From Notebook Growth

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) has long been an integral part of the notebook market thanks to its Windows operating system. With the majority of vendors relying on this operating system, anytime the market gets a bump the same typically holds true for Microsoft.

The third quarter of 2014, according to Digitimes Research, is shaping up to be a good one. Shipments have been estimated at more than 45.1 million units, which is a 2.6 percent increase on year. Many people are leaving the notebook market for dead, assuming that smartphones and tablets will continue to steal away buyers. This information shows that this is not happening just yet.

During the third quarter, HP showed up big time with 21 percent of global shipments. This put the company in first place by a hair, beating Lenovo at 20.9 percent. In third place is Acer with 9.7 percent of shipments, followed by Apple Inc (NASDAQ AAPL) at 8.5 percent.

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When it comes to ODM dominance, Quanta Computer came out on top by accounting for 34.6 percent of shipments. Compal Electronics came is in second at 32.2 percent, followed by Wistron, Inventec, and Pegatron.

As long as notebook vendors are able to keep up the pace, increasing shipments one quarter over the next, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) will continue to win. This may not be the case with all vendors, since some, such as Apple Inc. (NASDAQ AAPL), rely on a different operating system, but Windows remains the top choice.

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If Windows 10 is all it is cracked up to be, Microsoft may be able to do its part in helping keep notebook shipments and sales strong,

News like this is not often enough to move push Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) shares higher, but it is good for the company nonetheless.

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