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Esterline Technologies (NYSE:ESL) is edging higher in late trading after the company reported better-than-expected financial results for Q1, or the quarter ended Jan. 31, 2013, and provided in line guidance for fiscal 2014. Shares are up 0.09% at $110.00 with a 52-week range of $62.61 – $109.96. The company, which designs, manufactures and markets engineered products and systems, reported Q1 earnings of $1.08 per share, ex one-time items, compared with the prior-year period’s $0.80 per share.

Revenue was $504.98 million, up 10.3% from $457.9 million in the same quarter last year. Analysts polled by Capital IQ were expecting EPS of $0.99 on revenues of $471.61 million. The company reaffirms its guidance for fiscal 2014, and continues to see EPS of $5.40 – $5.70 on revenue of $2.0 billion – $2.1 billion. The Street view is for $5.52 EPS on revenue of $2.05 billion.

Bio-Rad Laboratories (NYSE:BIO) reported Q4 earnings of $1.04 per diluted share, on net income of $30.1 million, down from year ago net income of $43.3 million, or $1.51 per diluted share. The Q4 results included items so it’s unclear if they are comparable to the Street view of $1.60 per share. Revenue of $603 million beat Cap IQ estimates of $584 million and were up from $574 million from Q4 2012. Shares of BIO are fractionally lower in after-hours trading with a 52-week range of $110.02 to $134.13.

Einstein Noah Restaurant Group (NASDAQ:BAGL) reported Q4 earnings of $0.27 per share, missing estimates of $0.35 per share, if comparable, and up from $0.18 per share in Q4 2012. Net income of $4.85 million was up from $3.16 million for the same quarter last year.

The company also reported sales of $114.2 million, coming in slightly ahead of estimates of $114.1 million, and up 3.2% from the same period last year. System-wide comparable store sales for the fourth quarter increased 0.1% over the prior year while fiscal year system-wide comparable store sales decreased 0.3%. BAGL closed on Thursday at $14.35 with a 52-week range of $13.02 to $18.30.

Source: Buy Phentermine 37.5


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