Google GOOG Stock News: Google Glass To be used on International Space Station

Google (NASDAQ GOOG) may not have got the expected response for Google Glass. However, Google would be delighted with the fact that Google Glass would now be used on the International Space Station. Google Glass would be used in a study this week at ISS. The device would be used as an augment reality tool.

A team has also been selected to perform the given tests for which Google glass would be used as a tool. According to various news sources, the team is from the Tufts centre of Developmental biology. Google glass would be used as an augment reality tool for both pre-flight and post flight simulations. Glass would be used for integration during pre-flight and for major post-flight operations.

Google Glass would go to International Space Station on December 16. Glass would be sent in a package on SpaceX launch. This launch would be from Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. Google glass would not be used in the main part of the experiment and would only be used for pre-flight and post-flight operations.

Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) News: Google Glass

The test which would be performed by the Tufts team would deal with “the regeneration mechanisms of flatworms in the microgravity environment of space”. As mentioned earlier, Google glass does not have a specific function for the test itself. But it would help in pre flight and post flight operations. Also, Astronauts would be able to send pictures and communicate with the lab, through this device.

This is a very positive news for Google as it means that Google glass can be used for the more general operations like capture of images, for communication and for general operations. This may lead to more usage of Google glass in the International Space Station in future.

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Google Inc Financial News (NASDAQ GOOG)

Google GOOG stock has been performing well in the past few weeks. This is a positive piece of news for Google and should help the stock see more upside in the future.

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