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Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) to take Android to Wearables and Cars

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) have stated their desire to take Android and integrate it with wearables. Google has increased their focus from the usual smartphone-tablet market to the wearable, home and car segment. Google Inc earlier released the new Android L platform for the developers. Google Inc also announced Android 1 initiative for low cost smartphones. Now Google gave details about the Android Wear platform and introduced Android Auto. More details about these Google Inc business news are provided below.

Earlier, Google Inc declared that there are now 1 billion people using Android. Google made their intentions clear of making Android more popular yet. With its proposed entry in the wearable space, Google is set to compete with Apple and Amazon, who have taken similar initiatives in the past. Google, who still earn major revenue share from the advertisements targeted on the PC Users, having been transitioning to the smartphones and tablet space.

This venture into the wearable, home and car space, may be used to target an increase in Android usage along with Google Inc staying at the forefront of innovation. After Google Glass, Driver less cars and thinking thermostats, such initiatives may be termed as Google’s newest take in the innovation segment. Google’s Nest labs, who innovated the network connected thermostats, had earlier announced the allowance of outside contractors in making software for home products.

Android Wear and Android Auto

In March, Google had announced Android Wear which would be used to enable Android on wearable devices such as watches and bands. Although the smart watches are already present in the market, their usage is not common enough. With the potential entrance of Android, this may change. As already 1 billion customers have been using Android, Android wear has great potential. The Android wear OS would be able to conform on all the devices without any problems of fragmentation.

Moreover, the Smart Wearable would be in complete sync with the mobile or Tablet that the User has. This can be helpful in setting reminders, checking notifications and other uses which makes life more comfortable for the user. Also, an app when installed on the smartphone, can be synced if necessary with the device. This would lead to an interconnection of devices using the Android platform, something which is aimed by Google Inc. Android Auto would perform the same functions albeit for the car of the user. With Nest opening up to outside contractors, apps can help connect the Cars and wearable with household devices.

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Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)

Google have had a good past week with the Google I/O conference. A lot of initiatives were introduced and others were explained. These new Android platforms will help the company take a major role in the technology segment. Although Android already has a big share of market, Wearable, household devices and Cars seem to be the next segment which holds a lot of promises.

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