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The search engine giants Google (NASDAQ GOOG) remain one of the most intriguing and innovative companies in the market today. In this article we will take a look at the top 3 innovative projects which have been taken up by Google, all of which are sure to catch your attention. Google along with the likes of Apple, has been a top innovator, always looking up for new projects and innovation.

Here we will analyse all the three projects and see what effect they might have on the market segment as well as on the GOOG stock. It would be interesting to analyse the excitement in the market, as market sentiments can and do effect the performance of such projects.

Buy Soma Online Usa

3. Google Fiber: Google fiber is a recent venture from Google which should be rolled out later this year. Google fiber would ensure faster internet for users. Google seems to be finalizing the designs with local authorities and seem intent on making this project a major success.

Local Internet providers like AT&T and Time Warner Cable have already made attempts to counter the works of Google. They are all coming out and promising faster internet provision to its subscribers. It would be interesting to see who wins this battle, eventually.

2. Internet Balloons: The search engine giants have taken up yet another ambitious project in the form of Google Loon. Google Loon aims to provide internet to developing countries. Google would do this through balloons which would provide wifi to users. This is a very noble move which is sure to help, as a lot of people in the developing world do not have access to internet.

1. Disease Detecting Nano Technology Device: Perhaps the most interesting as well as noble project taken up by Google. Google is currently working on a project under the Google X division in which they hope of avoiding death. This, they would do using nanotechnology. Tiny nano particles would be used to get the target areas where a disease might be lingering. This would lead to easy and timely diagnosis.

This disease detection would be done through the use of wearable devices and through digestible medicines.

Google Inc Financial News (NASDAQ GOOG)

Google remains an exciting and a top performing stock in the market right now. It would be intriguing to see how the stock reacts to the above mentioned product releases. Given the hype surrounding all the projects, the reactions can only be positive.

Thanks for visiting the website. Be sure to catch all Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) financial news, Buy Phentermine 37.5 and check all the videos and news articles regarding the Google stock.

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