Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) News: Microsoft Word App Ranks High

According to recent reports Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) Word mobile app is climbing its way up to the peak Apple charts. Microsoft has added some nice touches to Word on iOS, just after a day following the release of iOS Word. The app comes with basic editing and takes the No.2 spot in the free apps category in Apple’s App Store.

The word ‘free’ has taken a new meaning with Microsoft Word on the iOS, say reports, with the mobile version of the word downloaded by a number of fans who use the utility on PCs. The news came after a Microsoft discarded its requirement to purchase Office 365 in order to edit docs in Word for Apple iPhone. This is a terrific advantage for on the go ‘documenting,’ say analysts.

Currently, the Microsoft Word for mobile app trails Facebook Messenger and Facebook under the ‘Free Apps’ category in Apple iOS. But don’t think that Word is an exclusive ‘freebie.’ Other components of Office include Excel and PowerPoint are also free, just as if you would use them on an iPad.

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Microsoft is waging a battle over the subscription network, taking away the need for an Office 365 subscription. However, specific 365 options like formatting do require a subscription to 365 Office. MSCFT downloads is also one way to stomp on competitors Google and Apple. Apple already gives many apps for free in its App Store.

Microsoft is preparing to unveil the Office for the iPhone, but that will require iOS7 or iOS8. reports, “In the Word app, for example, you can view, create, and edit documents for free by signing in with a Microsoft account. You can also work with documents from Dropbox, courtesy of a new partnership between Microsoft and the cloud storage site.”

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However, after the 4Chan hacks of Hollywood celebrity private photo leaks via cloud storage, iPhone users might still be hesitant to use Cloud. Apple announced it is working on more ways to provide more secure Cloud privacy.

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