Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) Stock News: Microsoft unveils Hologram Technology

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) is looking towards an action packed summer. With the release of Windows 10 on the horizon, Microsoft would be looking to make a good mark on the stock markets as well. After reaching the magic figure of $50, the stock is currently trading at the levels of $40-44. It would be interesting to see how the stock performs in the coming months, with the release being scheduled in June.

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) has recently released more information regarding the highly anticipated augmented reality device. During the company’s build conference, Microsoft came up with more information regarding this hololens headset which has attracted a lot of market attention.

Here in this article, we will take a look at some of the major news related to the NASDAQ MSFT stock. The stock remains a great buy in the current market, therefore we will look at some of the major news which makes it such a great buy. One major news would be the one about the hololens.

News on Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT)

In the build conference, Microsoft recently shed some light on hololens headset. The software giants showed the device along with some of the major features software and hardware. Alex Kipman, the man who presented all this, asked the developers to look beyond pixels and screen.

Hololens would have advanced sensors which can tell the users about the environment and the usage terms. This helps the device get the projection right. It is a big gamble on the part of Microsoft and there certainly is some chance of failure. However, if successful, it would open a whole new segment for the software giants.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) Business News

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) remains a top buy in the current market conditions. Although the stock has come down to the paltry levels of $40-44, the stock may well be on the rise again soon enough. With the imminent release of Windows 10, Microsoft would be looking for a further increase in revenues and profits.

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