Stock Analysis: Google Set to buy Twitter?

Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) is getting linked to search engine giants Google (NASDAQ GOOG). Such a deal would have huge bearings on the market and would certainly go on to shape the fortunes of Twitter. It would also be a major step from Google who have long been looking to gain some prominence in the social networking market.

Here we will see whether any such deal is actually on the cards. It would be interesting to see the plausibility of such a deal and whether it can actually go through. Also, we will study the implication of such a deal for either side.

While the rumours have come thick and fast, there has not been one official statement from Google or Twitter. Also, there have been reports coming in which link Twitter to Apple and Microsoft. Therefore, it would be only pragmatic to consider the supposed acquisition as a mere rumour.

Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) News: TWTR to be acquired by GOOG

Google leads various market segments today. Social Networking is not one of them. Currently, Google lacks a potent social networking site. Despite its efforts to make Google + as a world beater, it certainly has not worked for Google. All this may well change if Google acquires Twitter.

Twitter (NASDAQ TWTR) has tried real hard in the recent months to increase their user base. However, they have simply not been able to come to the level of Facebook and other upcoming social networking sites like WhatsApp and Instagram. Twitter would benefit immensely from the popularity of Google.

Google Inc Financial News (NASDAQ GOOG)

A deal between Google and Twitter would be a huge deal for the market on a whole. It would immensely benefit the two sides and the stock TWTR and GOOG should see an upside. Whether that actually happens, remains to be seen.

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