Stock in News: Google (NASDAQ GOOG) Planning To Launch New Inbox Service

After nearly 10 years from the launch of its Gmail service, Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) is preparing to unveil a new inbox service that the company promises to be a smarter method to sort through an increasing mound of email. The new application will anticipate user needs and provide better organization capabilities, according to Google.

“We want this to be your inbox for the next 10 years,” Alex Gawley, product director of Gmail and Inbox, said in an interview with USA Today. “We really want to do more of the work that our users are doing when they are trying to manage their lives through their inbox.”

The new email helps a user finish a task with a feature called “assists.” The new “smart email” adds a map to an email when you make a restaurant reservation online and provides you a link to online check in when you book a flight online. The new inbox will be more intelligent than in the past, providing useful information without being asked. For instance, the real time status of a flight the user booked or even track the status of a package from an ecommerce purchase that was made.

Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) News: A New Inbox

“Google wants to make email as compelling as possible,” said Brian Blau, Gartner’s research director of consumer technology and markets. “Making email better for email users is a priority for Google.”

In regards to organization, it groups together different types of data, such as bank statements and receipts from purchases, so they can be quickly accessed when needed. The inbox will highlight important information, such as showing you the photos of a newborn or the document a coworker has shared.

Email reminders can also be added to the top of the inbox to take the role of organizing the user’s life, not just email. Users can snooze email and reminders and set them to return when they arrive at a specific location, say the office or your house, Gawley was quoted as saying.

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Google Inc Financial News (NASDAQ GOOG)

Initially the new inbox will not won’t show any ads, but plans in the future to monetize the new development can and likely will change. “Maybe one day it is the replacement for Gmail,” Gawley said. “I think that’s something our users will tell us.”
Users interested in testing the new application can make a request to Google by emailing [email protected] for an invitation.

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