Stock in News: Google (NASDAQ GOOG) Set To Buy Inmobi?

Google (NASDAQ GOOG) has been a stand out performing stock in the market for some time now. The search engine giants have been in the news recently, where speculations have been rampant about a potential takeover of Indian startup inmobi by Google. With the likes of Facebook and other big companies looking to enter the digital ad space, such a potential move would be a big deal for the market. Whether the deal actually goes through, remains to be seen.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at the potential move from Google and what it might mean for the market on the whole. We will also take a look at the workings of Inmobi and why it is such a good prospect for any company, especially one of Google’s stature.

Google (NASDAQ GOOG) is reportedly in the early stages of a negotiation to buy out Indian Ad Firm Inmobi. Inmobi, which is a relatively small player in the market space, have however declined such reports as mere rumours. If the move does go through, Inmobi would help strengthen the position of Google in the market space.

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InMobi is one of the biggest ad network companies in India and therefore a move for Google would be highly beneficial as it would help the search engine giants enter a nascent market. According to reports, Google have indeed tried to get the deal done, but they have not got any positive responses from the Bangalore based company.

InMobi is currently valued at $2.5B. Inmobi gets 40% from the mobile internet sites as advertising fees. This is one solid source of revenue for a startup. Founded back in 2007, the company has been profitable for almost a year now.

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Google (NASDAQ GOOG) has actually made a lot of progress in the market, a lot of credit for which should be given to deals like these.

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