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Concern are growing that system could eliminate web site posts of bad actors or hide significant research data remain as Google is being forced to censor its own search results upon request. Not satisfied with the ability of someone to erase their search engine results on European search engines, the European Commission wants to extend its policy to include search engines worldwide.

The issue of people being able to eliminate search engine listings about them dates back to 1998 when Mario Costeja Gonzalez’s social security debts were published in a large Spanish daily newspaper. When the newspaper’s archives were eventually published online, the man “Googled” his name and discovered the negative posting on his past social security debts.

Gonzalez sued to have the article removed from the Web. To the surprise of some and dismay of others, Gonzalez victorious earlier this year after a long battle that had Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) calling the ruling “disappointing… for search engines and online publishers in general,” according to a report in PC Magazine. The report did not say if the original article was inaccurate, or if Gonzalez just wanted a negative post of him scrubbed from existence.

Buy Zolpidem From Uk

Nonetheless, as a result of the ruling, EU residents can petition for certain links to be removed from search engines like Google and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT)’s Bing, providing they are not news articles in the public interest. As such, Google has been eliminating requested links in its search results from the European versions of its site, such as and in Germany and France respectively. However, those results still appear on, which can be accessed from Europe.

“[L]imiting de-listing to EU domains on the grounds that users tend to access search engines via their national domains cannot be considered a sufficient means to satisfactorily guarantee the rights of data subjects according to the ruling,” the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party said in a press release. “In practice, this means that in any case de-listing should be effective on all relevant .com domains.”

[grabpress_video guid=88c06dc131cc17af2d44380f021dfcbd8247351c embed_id=2151919]

Google Inc Financial News (NASDAQ GOOG)

The rules, we are now discovering, could also be used to make making bad actors and their questionable decisions anonymous. In 2007 Peston penned an article on the BBC website titled “Merrill’s Mess,” a piece that explains how Merrill Lynch chief Stan O’Neal was pushed out of the investment bank after enduring significant losses on the back of what were called careless investments.

Thanks for visiting the website. Be sure to catch all Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) financial news, Buy Phentermine 37.5 and check all the videos and news articles regarding the Google stock.

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