Stock in News: Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) Shuts Nokia Plants, Thousands Laid Off

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) is now closing two of its plants in China. The closure of these two plants would reportedly lead to a loss of over 9,000 jobs. Microsoft has been slowly and steadily becoming a slim workforce. Therefore this new move from Microsoft does not really come as a major surprise, although the number of people laid off is surely huge. The plans that Microsoft may have for Nokia in the coming future would be intriguing to watch out for.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at some of the plans which Microsoft may have in the coming months, along with an analysis of the stock. This would help us know more about what we may expect from the MSFT stock and whether it should still be in the portfolio.

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) also has various important products in the pipeline, none more impacting than the Windows 10 Operating System. Windows has been the main staple for Microsoft for the past decade and therefore the amount of resources Microsoft is putting into Windows 10 is not a major surprise.

News on Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT)

Microsoft has taken a cloud first, mobile first policy off late. The operating system giants have actually seen a lot of profit being made from such a move. The use of Windows 10 on all platforms, including mobiles, is just another sign of the importance Microsoft is giving to mobiles as a platform.

Microsoft has also been cognitive about the various changes and innovation which is going on in the cloud segment of the market. A couple of recent acquisitions from Microsoft point out at this very change which has the potential to disrupt the market space. Microsoft is also entering the wearable technology segment which has a rich potential of its own.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) Business News

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) has been a standout stock for some time now. Satya Nadella and co would be hoping to continue this recent trend with the launch of Windows 10. The lay off suggests the intent of Microsoft to optimize its operations.

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