Stock in News: Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) Windows 10 Set To Boost MSFT Stock

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) have been a stand out stock in the past few months. While few analysts have been looking for a minor correction, most of the market is optimistic about the stock. This is also because of the fact that Microsoft is on the verge of launching Windows 10 Operating System which got a very positive feedback from its technical preview. There are a lot of speculations and rumours surrounding Windows 10.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at some of the major features which makes Windows 10 so interesting. It would be interesting to see how this product pans out for Microsoft and its stock holders. Also, we will look at the various estimates from the analysts and how those estimates might change with the launch of the new OS.

Windows 10 is the newest Operating System in line after Windows 8, which ended up as a major debacle for Microsoft. The company is hoping to put behind the embarrassment of Windows 8 and help its users upgrade to the new OS. It is making a major effort to do so.

News on Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT)

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) have been a changed company under the leadership of Satya Nadella. The new Microsoft have been keen on cloud and mobile. Same would be reflected in the new Windows Operating system which is made keeping all the platforms in mind. It should work seamlessly on mobile too. The office apps recently made a debut for Mobile platforms.

Microsoft have also made some major changes. The call back of start menu is one which has led to cheers from various segments of the market. Cortuna also d├ębuts with Windows 10 and reportedly it has a lot of potential.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) Business News

Microsoft has been performing well around the levels of $42. It has seen a minor correction off late, after reaching the levels of $48. With the release of Windows 10 on the horizon, Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) stock may even reach $50 according to many analysts. Watch out for this hot stock.

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