Stock in News: Yahoo Replaces Google (NASDAQ GOOG) As Firefox Default Search Engine

Google (NASDAQ GOOG) is not the default search engine of firefox any more. For the past decade Google had been the default search engine but now it is Yahoo. This is a great news for Yahoo which should help them recover as a search engine. Firefox is a widely used browser and this is a huge step for Yahoo and a setback for Google.

According to various researches, around two-thirds of the searches made on the web are made through Google. Only about 10% of the total searches are made through Yahoo search engine. This firefox news would definitely help yahoo regain some of the lost grounds. With time, yahoo may even prove to be a tough competitor to the Google and Microsoft Search Engine.

Mozilla and Yahoo announced a new five year deal this past week. This deal is huge as Yahoo gets a new lifeline in search engine category. After the introduction of Google Chrome, tensions were rising between Mozilla and Google. For the past five years a move had been speculated. Yahoo getting the deal was a surprise though.

Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) News: Yahoo over Google

Mozilla records around 100 Billion annual searches. Although Chrome has more users, Firefox still has a good number of users using the browser. The previous deal between Mozilla and Google would terminate this month, after which yahoo would be made the default search engine for Mozilla Firefox.

The details of the contract were not revealed by either parties. However, given the stature of Firefox, this deal should certainly help Yahoo financially. Yahoo has also undergone several changes over the past few years and such a deal should really help them prove their worth.

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Google Inc Financial News (NASDAQ GOOG)

The coming weeks should be a great test for both Mozilla and Yahoo. How exactly the users perceive the changes, remains to be seen. Expect the stock market to respond accordingly.

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