Stock News: Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) Introduces Outlook For Android and iOS Users

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) is having an adventurous week in the market. After the January 21 event, where Satya Nadella led Microsoft introduced Windows 10, Microsoft have now introduced Outlook for their Android and iOS users. This is a major step for the product and for Microsoft. Outlook is an old Microsoft product which is used on a large scale by a multitude of people. Therefore, this news would be welcomed by all users warmly.

Here in this article, we will take a look at all the news surrounding Microsoft and their recent releases. Along with Windows 10, Hololens and Spartan browser, the new Outlook puts Microsoft in a great position. Therefore it is important to look at the various features and aspects of this new outlook, along with the effects that it may have on the Microsoft stock.

Microsoft has now provided a new app for their Android and iOS users. This new app would be coming up for mobile and tablet users. The old app would not be taken down immediately, though Microsoft have confirmed that they will not add any new changes and take down the app in some time.

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The new Outlook app would have the Accompli feature. Accompli feature makes the app look great and generic. This is a major step from Microsoft which recently acquired Accompli. It also shows the amount of confidence which Microsoft has in Accompli. From the looks of it, outlook would do much better with Accompli.

Microsoft have released this new Outlook app for iOS and are looking to do the same for Android too. The android version requires the addition of support and should also be compatible with the hardware ecosystem.

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Microsoft is having a good time in the market. The stock recently achieved a peak. The stock holders would be hoping that the new launches from Microsoft keep the stock in the positive. It would be interesting to see how the stock reacts to these market news.

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