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Real Madrid Live Stream Video Highlights Goals Score Replay

Real Madrid vs Barcelona Live Stream: watch one of the most hotly anticipated fixtures of the European football season as European Cup holders, Real Madrid, host their historic rivals in the opening Classico of the new La Liga campaign. Real and Barca fans can watch the big match live on TV or on the internet via live stream through a link provided below. The Real Madrid vs Barcelona game is broadcast online on Saturday, October 25, 2014, at 17:00 p.m. After full time, a comprehensive online replay package of the Real Madrid vs Barcelona clash, a video featuring all goals and highlights, will be available to watch here on demand. You can watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona live via the stream linked below on all major handheld and laptop devices including smart-phones and tablets.

It is, the narrative goes, the nation pitted against the state; Catalonia’s freedom fighters set head to head against Franco’s Castilian fascists. It is two of the biggest clubs on earth battling it out for the most coveted prize in Spanish football; it’s Messi against Ronaldo, blistering speed and mesmerizing skill, spectacular fanfare, and controversial touchline bust ups. It is El Classico, Barcelona versus Real Madrid; a fixture of an intensity and intrigue that few anywhere else on the planet can persuasively claim to rival. It is, quite simply, narcotic and it is the clash that has come to dominate and symbolize the Spanish game.

Buy Phentermine Slimming Pills

The Real Madrid vs Barcelona clash will likely have a defining say in this year’s La Liga title race. The game can be viewed live in the UK, the US, Australia, Canada on Sky Sports 5, a channel available with subscription to all Sky Digital, UPC Digital, and BT Television customers. For those of you unable to get the game on television, however, you can watch the game live via the high-quality, uninterrupted live stream Buy Phentermine 37.5.

A few minutes before the Real Madrid vs Barcelona match, come back here on in order to find out everything that you need to know about live stream of the game. And, at the end of the match, fans can check back on and enjoy looking back on some of the highlights of last season’s Nou Camp Classico as well as watch back all of the goals and highlights of the most recent Real Madrid vs Barcelona clash.

Real Madrid v Barcelona Match Preview

22 points from eight games sees Barca top of the La Liga table by three points from Sevilla, with Madrid one further back in third having recovered from two early defeats to win five La Liga matches on the spin.

One of the most intriguing narratives informing this fixture is the potential debut that could be handed to Luis Suarez. The 27-year-old Uruguayan arrived in Catalonia from Liverpool in the summer for a fee in the region of £75 million; however, Suraez has not been eligible for selection by Luis Enrique to date owing to the suspension that he picked up after biting Italy defender, Giorgio Chiellini, on the shoulder during the World Cup.

With the banning order expired, though, Suarez is line to partner Neymar and Lionel Messi in the Barca attack on Saturday evening. Both Messi and Neymar were on target for Barca in their 3-1 defeat of Ajax during the week and Pedro is the most likely to make way should Enrique elect to start the Uruguayan up top.

Elsewhere, Ivan Rakitic has nailed down Xavi’s place in midfield, while Jeremy Mathieu’s return to fitness puts Pique’s inclusion in jeopardy, should Javier Mascherano be deployed in the centre of defence. Claudio Bravo will be recalled in goal after Marc-Andre ter Stegen was given a go in midweek.

Real, too, come into the tie with Barca on a good run of form having seen off Liverpool 0-3 in Anfield on Wednesday. Carlo Ancelotti’s men will be determined to make up for losing home and away to the Catalans last season and the form of Cristiano Ronaldo will go a long way to helping Los Merengues achieve that.

Ronaldo has a staggering 20 goals in 15 appearances this season and undoubtedly presents the biggest test yet of a Barcelona defence which has yet to be breached in their unbeaten start to the campaign.

Gareth Bale missed out on a return to British soil with a hip problem which will also sideline him from the encounter at the Bernabeu, so Isco will keep his place as one of three attacking midfielders.

El Clasico veteran Sergio Ramos is also a fitness doubt having picked up a calf injury. Raphael Varane is again in line to deputise in a defence which could feature Dani Carvajal rather than Alvaro Arbeloa at right-back.

Real Madrid Barcelona Game Video of Goals and Highlights

Catch all of the action from the Real Madrid vs Barcelona game on this Buy Phentermine Usa Online. Watch all the action with all the goals and highlights of this high-profile pre-season match.

Thanks for visiting the website and be sure to watch all the action from the Real Madrid vs Barca live Buy Phentermine 37.5 at Bookmark us and check all the videos and news articles about Real Madrid vs Barcelona matches to watch online.

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