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4 Ways Not Staying Up With Technology is Hurting Your Business

We live in an era of abundant and ever evolving technology. Everything around us is surrounded and made faster by rapidly changing technology. People can work from remote corners of the world thanks to technology. There are smartphones everywhere; people pinging each other, talking and chatting all day.

Everywhere you turn; life is being made easier by technology. So, if you are a business owner who doesn’t think of this as an important aspect of your business, then it is possible that you haven’t experienced or witnessed the power of technology in your business. Just to drive that point home, here are a few ways not using technology is hurting your business.

Slower Ordering and Delivery Processes We live in an age where people want something and don’t want to wait for days or weeks to get it. For instance, if you want to buy a pair of shoes, all you have to do is log on to Zappos, look through their listings, find what appeals to you, place an order, and chances are the shoes will be overnighted to you. Now, imagine a small business that does not have a website or e-commerce store. How’s that business supposed to make any decent profits when everyone is virtually glued to their devices and are placing orders on the go? The reality is that if you want your business to be relevant, you must go with the times. Have a website that is optimized for both the PC and mobile devices. Also, make sure its functions are highly intuitive.

Excessive Time Wastage

Do you know how fast things can get done? You can fax a document using an online faxing system to someone in Israel right now, and he’ll get it while he is on the go without having to wait beside a fax machine to get the document. In the past, it used to be that people would wait for hours beside a fax machine for a confidential document or information.

Nowadays, you do not have to waste that time with an online faxing system. The same goes for other aspects of your business. Running things the same old ways without adopting life-changing technology will either result in excess time wastage or render you completely irrelevant. To make sure you stay relevant in the ever evolving world, and to make sure you find an online faxing service that fits your needs, I highly recommend doing comparisons first, and websites such as are excellent for that.

Slower and Unreliable Communication

The absence of technology in your business is likely to result in slower communications. This means that if you want to get the message out to your supplier, you will have to send it through the post office and then wait for a few days to hear back. You can attempt to expedite the process by making a phone call, but then you’re hoping they are available, and if they’re not you are hoping that they actually get your message.

This is completely pointless when you consider that you can email them now and get the reply you need in 10-15 minutes. Without technology, the flow of creative, groundbreaking ideas is hampered and slowed down. People stop being innovative because the environment is not conducive for it, and for a forward thinking organization, this is critical. 

Negatively Impacts Personnel and Human Resources management

Nowadays, with technology, employment and recruitment is relatively easy. If you are in doubt about that new employee, you can run a quick background check online and find out if he has any past records. It also helps you quickly identify the best individuals for the job if you are hiring.

Not incorporating technology into your business is like living in the dark ages.  Just imagine the stress you would have to go through, looking through each resume and attending to them one after the other when you could have deployed software that will take care of everything.

Technology is essential to your business’ growth. Adopt and integrate technology into your business, and you’ll find that your business will experience tremendous growth and profits.

About the Author :

Oscar King has spent years managing a small ecommerce based business that is showing great promise. For now though, he takes some time on the side to write about some lessons he has learned in the hopes of inspiring others to start their own businesses and be successful. For more information about Oscar you can visit him on Google+.