Active Stock:, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Fire Phone Review, Inc. (AMZN) unveiled its Fire Phone on June 18, marking its debut in the saturated smartphone market.After years of speculation that Amazon was working on a phone, the company finally unveiled the Fire Phone last month. It is certainly unlike anything we have seen before with its dynamic perspective screen and four front facing cameras that can track your head movements. In this article we take a closer look the phone.

Amazon recently launched Fire Phone, which though appear similar to others, holds many distinguishing features to challenge the existing players. Some of the Fire Phone’s unique features include Dynamic Perspective, Firefly, Mayday, and the Amazon Prime membership. The screen size and the camera quality are, also, of good standards matching those of the rivals.

The sticking point for Amazon remains the high prices for the phone. The Fire phone is being marketed strongly on the company’s website, but the exclusive distribution partnership with AT&T Inc. (T) is hampering its distribution. The RAM and processor of the device are very close to that of Galaxy S5., Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN): Amazon Fire Phone Reception

The phone’s specs match its closest competitors, but the Fire Phone has some unique offerings, such as a year’s subscription to Amazon Prime, a three-dimensional user interface, and a feature called Firefly that recognizes written text, music, images, and a large range of physicals products, which can be added to your Amazon wish list.

The 32GB version also holds the 3rd spot on Amazon Inc (NASDAQ AMZN) best-selling contract cellphone list, while the 64GB version of the phone stands at number 18. This puts the 32GB Fire Phone just one spot behind the Samsung Galaxy S5, which holds the top two spots.

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Despite all the apprehensions, Amazon Inc (NASDAQ AMZN) released its first smartphone, the Fire Phone, and after a very long time we have one such device in the smartphone market that has “the potential to disrupt the smartphone status quo,” says a report from Forbes by Tony Bradley. Fire Phone definitely promises a good entry and a bright future for Amazon in the smartphone market.

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