Bitcoin News: Bitcoins Enter the Social Networking Arena

Bitcoins remain probably the most exciting and promising form of digital currency in the market today. Back by many, this digital currency was touted as the successor for the current currencies. It was eagerly back by many. It still is. But without a shadow of a doubt, time has started to run out for Bitcoins. The digital currency has long been a promising commodity and therefore it may well pass on without making a mark.

Bitcoins have however made a few strides in the recent past. The digital currency has been in circulation and has started coming up in a number of new areas. These new territories have boasted the bitcoin stock and therefore the digital currency still remains in prominence.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at the participation of bitcoins in the social networking segment. Bitcoins have entered a few new segments in the past. We will reason why its entrance in the social networking market remains such a promising prospect.

News on Bitcoins

Bitcoins have made an entrance in the social networking segment through the Argentine social networking site, Taringa. Taringa is Argentina’s largest social networking platform. It has a user base of around 75m people which is pretty impressive by any standard.

Taringa has brought in a new bitcoin tipping program which would use bitcoins in addition to ad revenues sharing model (similar to the one YouTube uses) and social networking ranking system, so as to promote content on its platform.

Bitcoin Financial News

Bitcoins remain a promising alternative to the current currency. The digital currency has been increasing in usage and circulation. While there are some doubts regarding the currency’s regulation and its price fluctuations, Bitcoins still have more positives than negatives.

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