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European Elections 2014 : Live Results

Watch live results of the European Elections 2014, and their impact on financial markets. On Sunday 25 May it’s Election Night in the UK, in Ireland and all over Europe. Over 4 days 400 million Europeans have chosen their MEPs to be in charge in Europe. A crucial election for the stock markets. Follow all the live results as soon as they are published online and made available by the European Parliament. The impact on financial markets could be impressive. Results will be announced after the last poll closes at 21:00 GMT. For reactions and live coverage of the European Elections 2014 with videos, pictures, quotes and links, enjoy!

Stockmarkets all over Europe hold their breath. From 22 to 25 May, the 8th European elections have started on Thursday in the UK and the Netherlands. On Friday, Ireland and the Czech Republic were followed by in Latvia, Malta, Slovakia, while the other EU countries (Germany, France, Italy, Spain etc…) voted on Sunday 25 May. The last polling stations will close at 23.00 CEST on 25 May 2014. The first estimations at the European level will be published from about 22.00 CEST on 25 May 2014. The first preliminary results at the European level and the national levels will be available from about 23.00 CEST on 25 May 2014.

Pro-EU forces remain strong enough to control the business of the 751-member Parliament. Banking union was the highlight of the last five-year term with the predominence of the ECB.

The vote will affect the lives of the EU’s 500 million citizens, and the European Parliament has much more power than it used to. For theses reasons, the stock markets in London, Paris and othe major European financial places hold their breath. In the UK, The Lib Dems are losing all their MEP seats and Nick Clegg’s position as party leader becomes vulnerable. Five years ago, The Conservatives got 27.7% of the total vote, ahead of UKIP on 16.5%. In France, Marine Le Pen and her Front National MEPs become the first political party in France with the European Elections 2014.

The best way to follow everything that is happening during this Election Night, including official reactions and buzzing topics on social media, is the EU Parliament special Tumblr page. In the UK, coverage of the European Elections 2014 begins on the BBC News Channel and BBC World at 21:00 BST with the latest news, reaction and results.

Results will be published on our webpage as soon as they are available.