How Can Printing Your Own Checks Save Time and Money?

Many business owners are born do-it-yourselfers. This mentality is often the driving force behind the business in the first place. One task some businesses may overlook is printing its own checks. Yet performing this function in house can save a business time as well as money. If you’ve never considered printing your own checks before, you’ll find that the process is easy and convenient.

Computer and Printer

Naturally, you’ll need a printer to print your own checks. If you have an accounting program, you likely already have the capability you need to print checks from your computer. You’ll also need to use MICR toner when printing checks. “The acronym MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.

This technology uses magnetically chargeable ink or toner to print the numbers and special characters on the bottom of checks or other financial transaction documents.” (1) You’ll want to use this toner as most banks require the identification and routing numbers to be printed with this special ink that fosters efficient and secure transactions.

If you don’t have software that you can use for check printing, you’ll have plenty of options.

Typically, check-writing programs provide easy-to-follow templates that allow you to incorporate your information. Moreover, they also allow you to add your logo which is a great way to promote branding of your business. The ability to customize the check is one of the main reasons why many businesses prefer to print their own.

Security Paper

Security “paper is a heavier stock that can stand up to bending and folding, and it also becomes disfigured if anyone attempts to alter dollar amounts or payee names.”(2) Businesses will also be able to choose security papers in colors and textures that they prefer. Security paper is also a mark of professionalism and showcases the business in a positive light.

As businesses can see, all that is needed to print checks is check-printing software, MICR ink, and security paper. Most find that the costs are far less expensive than allowing another agency to do your printing. If you have questions about check printing, your MICR toner provider can answer them for you.


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