How to start Couponing?

Couponing is the great way to save your money from groceries, dining in restaurants, to clothes of your babies. Most people do not bother to learn its technique because they think that its time consuming. The truth is this is an enjoyable kind of game while saving money.

You can do it with your friends, your wife or husband, your kids and anyone in the family. You can make it as part of your bonding time. Mastering the use of discount vouchers will save your budget for the month and you can use the money to buy other things. Using and memorizing this sport is more than just clipping and collecting weekly discount vouchers, you will see changes in your life when you get to master it.


  • Collect discount vouchers from different sources as possible. You may need to subscribe to your weekly or daily newspaper and magazines. You make check each page of the newspaper because there are times when manufacturers insert vouchers inside it. This is also the same with magazines. There are portions inside it where there are few discount tickets. Cut it and put it in your organizer. You may also obtain important vouchers by trading with your friends and neighbors. You may conduct or attend vouchers clipping service and trading parties to trade with your friends. You may also register on websites that are giving away free discount vouchers for members.
  • Learn the policy of the store you intend to use your vouchers. There are stores that limit the number of vouchers they are accepting from one customer. There are also stores that are not accepting vouchers printed from the internet. It is important that you know their policy regarding this system.
  • You need to study the best deals in your area. Match your vouchers to the deals and you will get best savings from it.

  • If you have manufacturer vouchers, stack it with your store vouchers to increase your saving. For example, if you have manufacturer discount voucher amounting to $.50, and you have and store voucher amounting to $1.75, when you combine these to vouchers, you will get $2.25 discounts.
  • Sign up on the reward points on your local store. Registering on rewards will give you money back in the end. The rewards will be print out on the cashier after your transaction, you may set it aside, or you may want to collect your reward points for your next shopping.
  • Wait for the high value vouchers on sale items to get the item free. For example, you have a voucher costing $4, and your target item is on sale for $5, you still pay one dollar if you are going to purchase it now. However, if you are going to wait to put it on sale for $4, you will pay nothing for it.

Couponing requires talent and strategy, but if you are going to master it, you will save money while enjoying the game. Sooner it will be like a piece of cake for you.