Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) Stock News: Best features of Windows 10

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) had a big day on the 21st of January. Microsoft released the much awaited Windows 10 Operating System. Microsoft came up with a slew of products which are now headlining the news. From the introduction of the Hololens technology to the use of Cortana in a PC, there were more than a few products which catches the eye of the users.

Here in this article, we will take a look at some of the major features of windows 10 which makes it such a compelling operating system. Windows 10 might be a major game changer for the Microsoft stock which has already seen a revival under the leadership of Satya Nadella. Therefore it is all the more important that we minutely inspect Windows 10.

After the dismal performance of Windows 8, Microsoft has learned a few lessons and have brought in some very important changes for the Windows 10 operating system. One such change is the call back of the Start Menu, which remains an integral part of Windows. The use of Windows 8 tiles along with the start menu may prove to be a master stroke from Microsoft.

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Some of the most important feature upgrades for Windows 10 include the integration of Cortana, the integration of xBox one with Windows 10, introduction of Hololens and the introduction of a new browser named Spartan. Spartan happens to be the first new browser from Microsoft in 19 years. Cortana integration would be there in Spartan as well. Cortana is an exciting new feature which helps in bringing robotic features into PC.

All the above mentioned features of Windows 10 seem real good and should help in making the product successful. Microsoft have worked hard to make Windows 10 compatible over different platforms and this should be very beneficial once Windows 10 is launched.

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Microsoft had one of their very best years in 2014. The stock rallied well after Nadella put a cloud first, mobile first strategy. How much the stock benefits from Windows 10 introduction, remains to be seen.

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