Stock Focus: Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) Would Go For A New Browser For Windows 10

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) has a big event lined up in 2015. Satya Nadella led Microsoft is planning to undo the damage caused by Windows 8 by launching Windows 10. According to the news in the market, Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) may be going for a new browser for Windows 10. This new browser may be all set to take place of Internet Explorer.

Here in this post, we will take a closer look at the new browser and at the various features it may have. There have been rumours in the past regarding the new browser and thus it would not be a major surprise if Microsoft actually changes its default browser.

Internet Explorer is already infamous for its working. According to the rumours, the new browser is code named Spartan and Spartan would be much closer to Google Chrome and Firefox. It would have all the major functionalities like extension capabilities, a new Javascript engine and trident rendering engine. This would help Microsoft attract more users to their Windows platform. Also, Microsoft would have another feature which distinguishes between Windows 8 and 10.

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According to various sources, we will be able to get a preview of the said browser in the next month’s technical preview of Windows 10. Spartan may or may not be fully functional by then, but sources suggest that Microsoft would be announcing about the browser in due course of time.

The Windows 10 event would take place on January 21st. The event is supposes to give a technical preview of windows 10. The event may have a preview of Windows 10 for mobile windows platform. However, there has not been a confirmation from Microsoft about the same.

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Microsoft had a great 2014. The stock touched a high in late December and the stock holders should remain positive about MSFT. With a prominent event lined up in January, MSFT stock should be moving up in the coming months. Stay tuned to technews for more updates about Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT).

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