Stock in News: A Look At Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Q4 Reports

Facebook (NASDAQ FB), on 28th January, released its final quarter earnings report. The report also contained the year end earning reports. The report makes two things plain and clear: Facebook are currently reaping in a lot of advertising revenues. Second, the social networking giants are looking to make long term investment decisions which help the company expand and connect with their audience in a better way. The report from Facebook was received well by the stock holders.

Here in this article, we will minutely inspect the Q4 report from Facebook. We will take a closer look at what lies ahead for the social networking company which already has a billion users and has acquired promising companies like Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook have increased their user base consistently and we will also consider whether the growth rate is decreasing or not.

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) posted $3.85 Billion in revenues. This means that the revenues increased by a staggering 49% over the last year. The revenue of $3.85 Billion also beats the analysts’ estimates of $3.78 Billions. Mobile Advertising is a major source of this revenue for Facebook.

Facebook Inc: Q4 Reports

The above mentioned Mobile Advertising increased by around 69%, which shows just how adaptive Facebook is becoming for their mobile audience. Facebook is looking forward to making more apps for their mobile users. The revenue has increased by around 50% from the levels of last year.

Major Facebook acquisitions like WhatsApp and Instagram are yet to add to Facebook’s main revenue stream. But Facebook would be happy to know that these acquisitions have a huge potential and an equally large user base. They can add a lot to the Facebook revenues in the coming months.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

Facebook looks like the promising stock which one should have in the portfolio. The Q4 report was positive to say the least and stock holders would be hoping for similar showings in the future.

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