Stock in News: A Preview of Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Q4 Earnings

Facebook (NASDAQ FB), the world’s largest social networking site, is going to present its Q4 revenue and earnings shortly. The Mark Zuckerberg led social networking giants have had a good financial year with the stock performing strongly. The stock may well move onto bigger values in the coming days and the stock holders would be hoping that they get to see the stock perform consistently in the coming months.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at some of the things which may effect the Q4 revenues and earnings of Facebook. The social networking giants have had a strong engagement rating in the last few months. Most of the news surrounding Facebook has been positive. Therefore, by the looks of it, we should be in for a good Facebook Q4.

Facebook has been doing rather well according to various metrics from a variety of organizations. The click through rates for Facebook has increased by around 200% in the past year, which seems to be an incredible achievement for the social networking giants.

Facebook Inc: What can we expect from Q4?

Facebook is currently having a good time in the market. The social networking site has not only seen a lot more engagement through the cost per clicks, they have also seen the cost rise in terms of the advertisements. These only add to the revenues for the social networking site.

Also, Facebook has been performing very well in terms of the video ads and on line videos. Facebook have increased the revenues from the video form of ads. With the ads of iPhone 6 being a huge hit, it can be safe to presume that Facebook might be looking towards a bright video ads future.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

Facebook has been performing well in the stock market and according to the news and market speculations, it does seem like Facebook stock holders would have a good time in the coming days. Stay tuned to Technews for further updates.

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