Stock in News: Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Adds Buy And Sell Button

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) has been looking to add new methods of creating income. The social networking site added the Buy and Sell button in an effort to increase the revenues through its own platform. They have also revamped a lot of features in a bid to attract marketers, and lure customers to buy different products.

Here in this article, we will take closer look at the Facebook (NASDAQ FB) stock. The social networking giants have been trying to diversify, something at which we will take a closer look. It would be interesting to see how the stock might change according to these changes in Facebook’s strategy.

Facebook Inc: E Commerce And Social Networking

The new features added by Facebook (NASDAQ FB) are currently undergoing testing right now. They would soon be integrated worldwide if all goes according to plan for Facebook. The social networking site has added a Sell feature for its site back in February and has since tried hard to add increasing number of features.

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) wants to be a medium between the buyers and sellers. They would not be taking any part in the transaction of money which would eventually take place between the two parties involved. Facebook have officially made this thing clear.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

Facebook remains a good buy in the current market conditions. The social networking giants are leading the pack comfortably in their core segments. With new acquisitions, Facebook would be hoping to put their resources into new and lesser known segments. It might as well start working for them. Stay tuned for further updates on Facebook.

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