Stock in News: Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Having a Slow User Growth

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) is without a doubt the biggest on line social media platform of the world. However, reports have been circulating in the market which claim that the growth in the number of users for Facebook has been decreasing rather worryingly.

For some time, there have been news which claim lesser teen usage of Facebook. Although Facebook has more than a billion users, they would be looking to gain users at a pace similar to the one they had in the past few years. Anything less seems to be a worry at the moment for Facebook and its stockholders.

Several new social networking mediums like Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora and so on, have come in and become quite popular among the internet audience. They have all successfully taken parts of Facebook’s user base. Teens and younger audience group of Facebook have gone on to Instagram and WhatsApp and that has actually resulted in a decline to Facebook’s user growth.

Facebook Inc: Slow Growth for FB!

Facebook has been done quite well really among the elders actually. People in the other end of the age group spectrum are signing up for Facebook. That is a piece of good news for Facebook. They would be entering a market which is relatively fresh and happens to have an audience which may well help Facebook become a more all rounded product.

However, youngsters make the biggest part of the internet audience chunk. And therefore it is rather important for the Facebook team to look at the reason behind the slow growth. If it is indeed competition from other social media sites, then Facebook may well have it covered, they have already acquired Instagram and WhatsApp, both of which have a lot of users who have migrated from….Faceboook!

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) stock has been performing okay. They reached a high in November and have continued to look strong. Whether they can maintain the run, is anybody’s guess. But they sure look like doing it.

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