Stock in News: Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Introduces New Features For Mobile Users

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) has introduced a new and improved trending feature for its mobile app users. According to Facebook, this feature will help the users get the trending news stories and topics separate from the normal ones. Users will be up to date with all the happenings from around the world. The trending topics would be customized and according to the users’ preferences.

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) commented that they have changed the layout of the trending feature in their mobile application. According to Facebook Product Manager Andrew Song, there would be a new layout for the same. He claimed that the new layout would be more organized and therefore would be a better fit for the users.

A separation would also be created of the related new stories from friends to the normal news stories. This would in turn help the trending items make an appearance on the users’ news feed. Trending Features were first introduced in January this year, and they have been received positively by the Facebook users.

Facebook Inc: New FB features

Trending Features were used by Facebook with the aim of incorporating rival twitter’s major features. The trending features layout made sure that the users got relevant feeds. Facebook has never commented that the layout resembles twitter’s features. However, the similarity between the two is too much to ignore.

This update was the second one from FB this week. Graph search was introduced earlier this week for the mobile users. FB has been very vocal about the importance of their mobile user base. Graph search was an important step in making FB mobile user friendly. Graph search was first introduced for the desktop users around two years ago.

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An android update for FB app is due to arrive in a few weeks. According to Song, an iOs update is also on the horizon. The trending news layout would be rolled out on Wednesday.

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